Spiritual Warrior Rune pewter pendant, wisdom insight, warrior a


This Rune set combines several runes to create a Charm with one unified Magical Intent which is designed to unite many qualities desired in a fine Warrior. Created to strengthen one's fortitude, wisdom, insight, and clearer connection to spirit. Qualities of this piece include an increase in personal power and vital force, awakening one's Will to action, bringing wisdom and clarity of thought, a heightened awareness and insight into one's surroundings, increasing one's defenses, protection from harm and ill intent. Thus a Spiritual Warrior. [aprox. 1-7/8" high] Made from fine lead free pewter * Each piece comes ready to wear strung on an adjustable BLACK COTTON CORD. A DESCRIPTION CARD is included Disclaimer All items in this store purporting to have metaphysical properties are sold as curiosities only. No claims can be made as to their validity. All items are sold for their aesthetic value and are for entertainment purposes only.

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