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Charging Candles by Mary Caelsto

 Whether it’s a jar candle designed to fragrance the room or chosen for a specific ritual purpose, one of the important parts of candle magick is “charging” the candle. Simply put, when a candle is charged it is filled with energy designed for a specific purpose. The energy comes from ourselves and the universe. It’s freely available and anyone, of any faith, can charge a candle. If you’re not comfortable with the thought of rituals or magic you can think of it as a prayer.

The most basic way to charge a candle is to hold it in your hands and think about the purpose you wish the candle to serve. If you’re burning it for healing, for example, then imagine the person getting better and becoming healthy once more. For prosperity, think about you living the live you want, free of worries and stress from money. The important part is to be positive about your goal and to imagine it happening.

If you want to go farther in charging a candle, then there are additional steps that can be taken. Anointing the candle with oils helps to imbue it with the properties of the essential oils. In addition, you can add nuances to the magical meaning of the candle. Adding planetary or zodiac oils to the candle can bring those elements (such as Capricorn for money or Mercury for communication) to your candle magic.

Some people inscribe runes or symbols on the candle. Continuing with the prosperity spell, a simple dollar sign is easy to carve and expresses in concrete terms what the candle magic will be for. Names, numbers, even small pictures can be created with a minimum of effort on the candle.

With the simplest form of candle magic, the candle is dressed (or anointed) with oils, a symbol carved on it, charged with energy and then burned. This ritual can take only a few moments to several days depending on the steps involved and the preferred timing of them.

Of course, when it comes to candle magic, and charging a candle, following the basic steps is good, but the best thing you can do to have a properly charged candle is to choose the correct candle. The size and type of candle doesn’t matter for ritual purposes. Some people prefer jar or container candles. Tapers, mini candles, tea lights, or votives all work well. The two factors in choosing a correct candle are the scent and the color.

When it comes to scent, an unscented candle, ready to be anointed or left “as is” may be your best choice. Otherwise, with the wide variety of scents available choose the one that’s closest to your ritual’s purpose. If working on a prosperity spell you may wish to choose scents that make you feel rich and luxurious. Spells for love naturally call for floral fragrances.

And the color of the candle plays a role too. Green is the color of prosperity. Blues evoke healing, and pinks and reds are for love or passion. While there are plenty of tables out there that talk about the correspondences of various colors, the bottom line is that you’re the one charging the candle and doing the ritual. You get to choose which works best for you and what feels right. The color and the scent of the candle are fully under your control.

In the end, it isn’t the way the candle smells or what kind of wax it’s made out of that creates the magic. It’s you. To charge a candle means putting your will into it and that will helps to form an outcome. The magic is within. The candle is merely a tool. Charging the candle gives it direction. Nothing more and nothing less. Your spell, prayer, ritual, or whatever you wish to call it, really works the magic. However it sure doesn’t hurt to have a full set of tools at your disposal and charging a candle doesn’t take much time or energy. Just a little thought.

Mary Caelsto is a pagan author of fiction and non-fiction. You can visit her website at She runs Jupiter Gardens, LLC a store devoted to providing products and services that nurture your inner worlds. Learn more about the Jupiter Gardens family at

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Money Spells - Can They Really Work? by Katerina Guarente

Money troubles? Forget about talking to your banker or financial advisor. More and more people are running to their psychics to see what is happening "behind the scenes" and to learn how the spirit world can help bring money blessings. Throughout history, civilizations over the world have relied on their religion and faith in spiritual and mystical powers to achieve help with life's problems. Even before modern medicine came on the scene, most health problems and illnesses were traditionally addressed by applying a dose of spirituality, religion, witchcraft, voodoo, astrology, or psychic power. Back then, you simply could not get through the week without help and guidance from the "unseen" world. Of course, that was long before we became enlightened by the miracles and wonders of modern science. In the modern world where mainstream religions are often shrugged off or mocked, it is easy for us to laugh at those believe in new age powers of the paranormal, occult, psychic or magical remedies. We see them as misguided kooks or blind followers of today's counter-culture. But humans today resemble our ancestors in our search for truth, meaning, and solutions to life's problems. Many of us have experienced being broke, saddled by bills, credit card debt, and feeling hopeless that we can ever get out from under. We know there must be a solution out there when the banks and our friends turn their backs on us. So we look for "help from above" to solve our financial troubles. When asked, most people who go to psychics and purchase prosperity or money spells will tell you that they really do work. But did that money spell really make help struggling secretary win the lottery or get a job promotion? The skeptics and unbelievers will point to coincidence, insisting there must be some sort of logical explanation, or attribute results to a case of "mind over matter." But those who faithfully believe in psychic powers or live by the position or stars and planets think otherwise - there must be a higher power with a helping hand involved. My perspective is probably different from yours, as I am a professional psychic and paranormal expert. In my studies of spirituality, psychic phenomena and spell casting cases going back thousands of years, I believe there is much more to this than meets the eye. Mainstream religions all seem to accept and profess the power of prayer as a method of receiving blessings from God. Recently, medical professionals now recognize that a patient's faith and religious beliefs can play a significant role in improving health and quality of life. Many doctors admit that there is a benefit from holistic and alternative medicines. If this is true, why can't a person's financial health and wealth be improved by faith in psychic assistance and money spells? There will always be a stigma of going to a fortune teller, psychic or spell caster that prevents the mainstream from accepting their virtues and value. Let's come to our senses and stop fooling ourselves. This is all just a money-making scam. It is as fake as the wrestling matches on television, right? Well, don't be too quick to agree. You would be surprised at the numbers of people who seek (and claim to receive) help with their money matters thanks to a caring spell caster or psychic. These are individuals from all countries, states, professions, income levels and religious backgrounds. I have clients who are prominent politicians, teachers, doctors, and even scientists. They are believers of paranormal help for all of life's problems, and nobody can change their minds. They will tell you how much their lives have been improved and enriched, and the unbelievers are the foolish one who don't know what they are missing. Can a financial spell bring unexpected money blessings to someone in need? Are these spells for real? Can they actually make things happen that people can't do on my own? I believe that a spell that has a good track record of doing what it is supposed to do has got to be real. The results speak for themself. People by nature will always doubt, ridicule, and be afraid of what they don't understand; while the open-minded are willing to take the leap of faith to become blessed. Those who refuse to open their eyes, minds to the possibilities of magic spells and psychic help will never know what they are missing, but will be the first to call you ignorant for asking for help from a higher source. Perhaps it is the unbelievers who ignorant for not even trying. I encourage everyone I meet to remain open-minded, because what you see in this world is not always what you get. © 2007 KPS Services. About the Author: Katerina Gaurente is a long-time paranormal specialist, proprietor of KPS Services, and eBay's #1 psychic since 1999. On she offers money spells and love spells to clients worldwide. Article Source:

Sensing Energy of Place by Carolyn Donnelly

 Ancient cultures believed that our home was a spiritual place and developed rituals for attracting positive deities, dispelling evil spirits and maintaining the harmony of the home. The trend towards rekindling ancient traditions and beliefs has increased awareness in our modern society as to the importance of sacred space and the importance of the spiritual atmosphere of our homes and places where we spend a lot of time.

In our busy, technologically modern world it is easy to forget that we are animals and spiritual beings who are influenced by the energy around us. Our ability to perceive the mood of the atmosphere around us occurs at a subconscious level and is probably connected to our innate survival instincts that protect our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Most people can remember a time when they have entered a building or an area and sensed an uncomfortable or unwelcome feeling. We may say that the place gives us ‘the creeps’. This is because we have picked up the energy left behind and lingering in the atmosphere, dust, walls and other aspects of that building or place. There may have been much unhappiness, illness or even violence occur in the history of that place or it could be that an argument or violent incident has only recently taken place. Can you remember entering a room after two people have been arguing or after some other negative social situation? The term ‘you could cut the atmosphere with a knife’ refers to an atmosphere heavy with negative and hostile energy. In this situation the energy has been left behind by the people - their words, actions, thoughts and intent.

In other situations, we may enter an area that has a vibrant and happy atmosphere which lifts our spirits. Many people who have been house hunting for a home to buy or rent will relate to sensing a different energy at each house they visited. Besides the physical features of the house, the energy present will often be a big determinant on whether we decide a particular house could become our home or not. Some houses have that special homely feeling. Others may fit our physical requirements but we feel there is something just not right.

The energy of a place builds up over time and contains the history of events and feelings that have gone before. This could occur over months, years or thousands of years. The Aboriginal people of Australia attach legends and beliefs to certain physical places. Some places are ‘no go’ areas as certain spirits reside there that are dangerous and terrible things can occur to people who venture into that place. Other places are only for men or only for women and the opposite gender must not go there. Some places are visited by both genders and are special meeting places. It is possible to feel this energy as you travel to certain places in Australia. In many places the feeling is very powerful.

One such place is a site called ‘the Cathedral’ at one of Australia’s National Parks, Carnarvon Gorge. My friends and I climbed a ladder up to a rock ledge and then walked through a small and narrow rock canyon. On emerging from the other side of the passageway we came across a large opening protected by huge rock faces all around which formed a circular cathedral-like area. On entering the Cathedral I felt an intense sense of reverence like I was entering a sacred zone where it would be rude to even utter a sound. There was a peacefulness in the atmosphere that made me want to sit down and absorb the silence. I noticed that my two friends, who had been engrossed in conversation, stopped talking just after entering the Cathedral and they were also walking carefully and looking around as if in awe. The feeling was intense. I was told later by the Park Ranger that there is no available information about the significance that particular place had to the Aboriginal people. The information may not have been available in a written or verbal form but it certainly was there, in the atmosphere, the soil, the walls. The energy indicated great significance, and was probably like many such sites in Australia, due to thousands or tens of thousands of years of special meetings in this particular place.

Some may relate to sensing this feeling of reverence in churches or other buildings of sacred ceremony. A similar situation occurs on a much smaller scale when we put aside a place in our home for meditation, ritual, relaxation or other peaceful activity. We can create areas of good feeling, harmony and peace in our home by continually using a particular room or area in the same way. Relaxation and peace then comes more readily to us when we are in an area that has been set aside for such activities as meditation, reading a novel or sleeping. Many people go so far as having specific rules about what activities take place in different rooms of their house such as ‘no work related reading in the bedroom’. This is because a different level of concentration and a different energy is required for technical or work related reading and this is not necessarily conducive to the tranquil energy that most of us desire for the room in which we sleep.

There are many other ways we can influence the energy in our own home including light, sound, colour, scent, plants, flowers and crystals to name just a few. These will be discussed in a separate article. Though, a very powerful way we can keep the atmosphere in each room of our home is by continually practicing the behaviour or activity that will be conducive to the purpose of the room and adding the emotion that we want to linger. Of course, there are some general feelings and energy we may want to persist in every room and area of our living space. A house filled with laughter, fun, love and happiness will radiate that back to the occupants and to everyone who visits.

Carolyn owns and runs Placid Moon New Age Products and Gifts. Placid Moon sells a range of products for increasing the harmony and peace in your home such as incense, smudge sticks, candles, pure essential oils, salt lamps and crystals. Placid Moon offers competitive pricing from a professional business. Visit today at

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