Fairy Glade

A collection of stunning Fairy figurines from the Nemesis Now Range

This is "Stay With Me", created by artist Molly Harrison.

Stay With Me is a stunning fairy and dragon combination by Nemesis Now Fairy Society. If you like dragons and you like fairies, this is the perfect figurine for you!
This beautiful Fairy is standing beside her green dragon, her gloved hand lovingly stroking his back while he nestles his head close to hers.


How sweet is Myrea?

In numerous shades of pink Myrea kneels on a heart shaped pad, a black heart flask attached to her belt, blue heart hair clips in her hair, cuddling her little gothic bunny. Her gorgeous big eyes and delicate features make this NEW addition to the Nemesis Range an absolute winner!

This is "Fairies Do It Better", created by artist David Gough.

"Fairies Do It Better" is a perfectly detailed figurine of a right punk fairy who appears to be heading for an ASBO.

Fairies Do It Better is quite the mischievous fairy. It seems she's quite apt at graffiti judging by the wall behind her and the splatters of paint on her cheek and chest. She's holding her trusty paintbrush in her left hand as she stands with a quite cheeky stance her right arm behind her back.

Fairies Do It Better has cute little basque and short mini skirt on. Her scarlet tights are tattered to her liking and her chunky black shoes set her style off to perfection.


Manga Fairies 'Sashi' ~ Nemesis Now

Highly detailed figurine from the Manga Fairies range by Nemesis Now

Made from resin, this beautiful fairy has translucent wings and is dressed in white

Manga Fairies come from Japan, where they sleep between the pages of comic books.  They are shy, sweet-natured and often have wonderful stories to tell

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